on the matter of sexual orientation or preference… there is a general lack of moral imagination and historical reasoning when conversations about gender and sexual preference take place. the recent uproar over this matter in ghana has produced the usual absurdities. the most ridiculous claim raised against the matter and spirit of homosexuality in many places across africa is that it is a foreign imposition, and thus, such thoughts and acts are alien to the many peoples of the second largest continent on earth. this claim is obviously ahistorical. on the contrary, there is more than enough evidence that all of the anti-homosexual laws in africa’s jurisprudence are a product of external influences, chiefly, the colonisation of africa by europes christian aristocrats and bourgeois who were ideologues of conservatism. nevertheless, the appeal to history here is unsustainable if applied elsewhere. moses foh amoaning, the loudest anti-gay campaigner in ghana is an albino and a lawyer. historically, albino’s have been treated with unconscionable violence in africa. if the appeal to tradition is employed, then, we are going legitimise the brutal treatment of albinos. this is a stupid argument, and i’m sorry it had to come to this. the history of violence proves that those willing to inflict it on others poses neither logical competence nor moral imagination.

ultimately, there are much awful things going on here that have to be deflected onto a minority who are by all accounts hated by the masses. to put it bluntly, homosexuals and other queer people are being scapegoated by the ruling class of ghana, and the false consciousness of the masses is being employed to legitimise this bigoted process.

ghana has real problems, and criminalising a sexual preference on the basis of some ahistorical cultural value or religion will not solve them. the hungry will not get fed, the homeless will not be housed, the over 12% unemployment rate will not be curtailed, the problem of kayaye will not disappear, the wages and other conditions of service of workers will not be improved, the immense poverty of the masses and the problems that go with it will not end with the criminalisation and torture of gay people…so, this awful state of affairs is a corollary of real economic and political inequalities that the ruling elites are scapegoating particular sexual preferences that have absolutely no material or spiritual connection. the masses have gone from screaming the petite bourgeois slogan of “fix the country” to real mass scale conversations about doing material and spiritual harm to anyone who identifies as homosexual, and so on. the masses are angry, and the ruling elites will propitiate them with the criminalising of particular sexual preferences instead of real political and economic transformation. this isn’t a new tactic, this is the way the twin systems of government and the capitalist system function as one social system of exploitation and multi-faceted oppression. the problems the system creates are deflected onto other things of no relation whatsoever. the capitalist mode of production and distribution as an economic system creates poverty via low wages and unemployment to maximise profit for business owners, and when those affected by this economic inequality and hardship react, the legislators of the system draw on old unsettled issues such as ethnicity, gender and sexual preference to blind the masses who are kept in check by their false consciousness and general ignorance of the nature of the material world as a result of ideology, and in this case religion.

the many fallacious and absurd arguments that have been made for and against homosexuality and the other sexual orientations prove one thing, and it is that no individual, group of individuals, state or government or any such institutional arrangement found within a society should be given the authority to determine or dictate sexual relations between human beings. the determining factor here is that what one or more human beings’ consent to within the framework of sexual relations is entirely up to those involved. we as members of society can as usual offer our opinions and fallacious arguments for and against without violently threatening the existence of the other.

the modern computer is a product of the scientific work of a homosexual man who was essentially killed by the british government after his work helped defeat mussolini and adolf hitler’s fascism during the second world war. homophobes might as well make a prophet out of Alan Turing by using the argument in the picture below… and since silly arguments are in the air, let’s try this:

the modern computer was invented by a gay man

you hate gay people and believe they deserve death

ergo, stop using all computer systems



homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto...🌹